DDI Engineering - Flow Drilling and Tapping

Flow Drilling and Tapping

Precise threaded connections for thin wall applications.

Flow drilling uses heat to drill holes into metal to produce a bush. This process has always been problematic when using tubular materials as the wall is so thin particularly where a thread pitch is greater than the wall thickness. With flow drilling and tapping, the problems of tapped inserts spinning are avoided.

The DDI Engineering advantage is:

  • Flow tapping removes none of the parent metal which enables us to tap into thin wall materials with a range of M3 – M12 threads.
  • The bush formed gives three to four times the original material thickness in most cases.
  • High quality, clean and efficient.
  • Cost saving and problem solving.
  • Suitable for all materials which can be friction drilled.
  • Precise formation of the thread within the bush.